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Two people met on the Internet on an audio app, realized they came from the same weird tribe, and now there is a Podcast.
Two curious people explore culture in its broadest sense. One is a renowned expert, the other a connoisseur of the curious. Together they embark on cultural explorations each episode, taking you along for the ride!
A little more about us:
The Cultured Curators are Benjamin Frankenberg and Rabia Sitabi.
A NYC based actor/ producer/ poet with a passion for the strange. Quite possibly several squids in a person suit.
Known online as RPISH and The Cultured Curator. A digital native Pop Culture Specialist, Marketing & Business strategist, Remote Manager and Consultant with an high affinity for international Tech, Culture, and Entertainment.

Few of our all time favourites ↓


Prisoners of the Nic Cage-land

We're back and diving into a review of Sion Sono's Nicolas Cage feature: Prisoners of the Ghostland. Get ready for some ball-exploding insights while we discuss our experience watching the film. Links and notes of everything we mention can be found on our website.
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August Under-Curated

We dive into our first Curated recommendations episode with mostly recent movie titles and a few film festivals. Check out the list of all the movies, festivals, and topics we mention in the blog section!

Ero-Guro Fun Time

Cold Open Episode where we dive directly into niche interests such as cephalopods, spicy fantasy books, ero-guro, and Japanese pop culture through different lenses. Check all the references on, on twitter thecuturedpod, IG theculturedcurators.

Upcoming: [in no particular order]

  • An Anime Episode
  • Recurring: Curated aka our Faves [Movies, Series, Music, etc]
  • Festivals we like
  • Food episodes
  • What do we read
  • Halloweenie stuff

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